Tempo Global Bond Fund

The Tempo Global Bond Fund is an actively managed portfolio of bonds which builds better beta by using market level rather than an individual bond approach with equal weightings.

Fund Facts
Investment objective

The Fund aims to provide superior returns vs the World Government Bond Index ex Australia (All maturities) hedged to Australian dollar (WGBI) over rolling five-year periods.

Investment strategy

Tempo employs a top-down quantitative investment strategy that is grounded in academic research and best industry practice.

Tempo employ a three-step investment process which aims to:

  • create a more diversified global bond portfolio using an equally weighted portfolio construction approach that avoids the overconcentration in more indebted countries inherent to issuance weighted global fixed income allocations;
  • invest in markets which demonstrate positive trend and valuation attributes; and
  • preserve capital by allocating a portion of the Fund to cash when market sentiment is negative.

Tempo implement their investment strategy through the use of bond futures, providing investors with a highly liquid and efficient exposure to global markets. Portfolio weightings are adjusted regularly based on ongoing analysis of growth and related factors in international bond markets.

Minimum suggested investment timeframe At least five years

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