Tempo Australian Equity Strategy

The Tempo Australian Equity Strategy aims to capture increased ASX beta returns compared to the ASX 200 benchmark while adding value through a multi-factor approach. This provides lower volatility and much better returns per unit of risk.  

Fund Facts
Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark, ASX 200, over rolling five-year periods.

Investment strategy

Tempo employs a top-down, active investment strategy to provide investors with long-term capital growth from Australian equities from a well-defined quantitative investment process based on decades of experience and academic research.

Tempo follows a three-step investment process which aims to:

  • create a more diversified Australian equity portfolio using an equally weighted approach that avoids the typical sector over-concentration inherent to the Australian equity market;
  • invest in stocks which demonstrate positive momentum and value attributes; and
  • preserve capital by allocating a portion of the Fund to cash when market sentiment is negative.
Minimum suggested investment timeframe At least five years

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