Tempo Global Currency Fund

The Tempo Global Currency Strategy is an actively managed, diversified portfolio of currencies selected with the aim of generating a return above the RBA Cash Rate, after management fees, on an annualised basis over each rolling five year period. 

Fund Facts
Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark, the RBA Cash Rate, over rolling five-year periods.

Investment strategy

Tempo employs a top-down quantitative investment strategy that is grounded in academic research and best industry practice.

The investment process consists of three key aspects:

  • quantitative factor models: a combination of macro, technical and flow signals.
  • long-term fair value modelling: a sophisticated econometric model allows Tempo to calculate a fair value exchange rate for each currency.
  • qualitative inputs: to incorporate insights not included in the quantitative model and for risk management.

Tempo implement their investment strategy through the use of currency forwards, providing investors with a highly liquid and efficient exposure to each currency.

Minimum suggested investment timeframe At least five years

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