Tempo Asset Management operates in this emerging area of active and alternative beta and has developed an innovative, top-down approach to rethinking market benchmarks and exploiting market premiums to produce better returns for investors over time.

Our Market Insights papers will provide you with our insights on industry trends, our infrastructure and general overviews of our products and solutions.

The shortcomings of cap-weighted approaches to benchmark construction (the popular approach to capturing market beta) are well understood and the academic world continues to produce studies indicating that investors can improve their total returns by re-thinking what they mean by ‘beta’.

28 March 2016: Money Management, 'There's a whole world out there' by Nicholas O'Donoghue

22 October 2015: Money Management, 'All things being equal: A better approach to capturing beta'

23 June 2015: Investor Daily, 'Where to next for US stock markets'

21 May 2015: SkyNews Business, 'Finding better beta: What is it & why we should be chasing it'

11 May 2015: AFR, 'How to invest in Asia's consumption boom'

11 May 2015: Investor Daily, 'US no longer favourable: Tempo AM'

8 May 2015: Financial Standard, 'End heavy weighting in US equities: Tempo AM'

7 May 2015: Financial Observer, 'Tempo AM signals US bull market over'

2 April 2015: Investor Daily, 'US valuations ‘astronomical’, warns Tempo'

March 2015: PortfolioConstruction Forum Markets Summit 2015 (webinar)


Market Insights

Market Insights

The team have developed a series of White Papers providing their insights and approach to various market related matters.

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